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Monday, October 3, 2016

ICA Nepal supporting community for Coping with Disasters

When Italy and Myanmar got hit by tremor higher than 6 magnitudes  just few months ago , highly empathetic were the Nepalese who suffered from similar heart wrenching tremor just a year ago. This shows how deep is the roots of trauma and psychological impact had the earthquake made. We say we don't need support anymore, but every support program has only helped us get better and recovered from the destructive experience. 

Considering this very fact, ICA Nepal provided psychosocial support for "Coping with disasters" at Changunarayan aiming atleast 30 participants each time. This is under the project being supported by MOFA Japan in coordination with ICA Japan. 

The series of training began after the TOT conducted by psychologist Shruti Rana on all the necessary steps to be taken care of at the field while dealing with children, elderly citizens, women and other members. With the aim of supporting the people of Changunarayan in overcoming the trauma faced by them, the training teaches the participants different ways to deal with stress,  positive imagination, hearing praises, what to do during disasters, the actual causes of disasters etc. The training covers female, male as well as adolescents and children as the participants. With the high number of participants in each training, it has been evident that these training have been helpful for the people of Changunarayan as all of them have given positive feedback. Thus,  with each and every session, putting an end to the psychosocial problems prevalent in the community is getting closer.

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