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Sunday, April 30, 2017

ICA Social Artistry with English Subtitles

According to Jean Houston Foundation;

“Social Artistry is the art of enhancing human capacities in the light of social complexity. It seeks to bring new ways of thinking, being and doing to social challenges in the world.

Drawing upon its successes in training leaders in many countries and organizations throughout the world, social artistry brings state of the art discoveries in human capacity building to social transformation. Thus, it seeks to build a planetary society based on the principles of democracy, sustainable development, human-based needs and values, universal human rights, environmental protection, social justice, equality and the sovereignty and dignity of all peoples worldwide.

Social Artists are leaders in many fields who bring the same order of passion and skill that an artist brings to his or her art form and to the canvas of our social reality. It is within the deep work of Social Artistry that we can access the inner capacities to align ourselves with the earth's higher purpose. Ultimately, it is about all of us together co-creating the human and social changes needed to make a better world. The core of this program is the 10 day summer leadership institute
Jean Houston Foundation
The Jean Houston Foundation was created as a non-profit leadership training organization, specializing in exploring and applying untapped human capacities in its participants to assist in creating positive change at the local and global level. Its programs hold a direct focus on whole-systems change and personal empowerment and work directly with and within organizations such as the United Nations and other professional bodies and institutions throughout the world to train 10,000 trainers, ultimately reaching 100 million people in the next ten years. Social Artistry is the core activity of the organization where they offer social artistry training including its advanced course and training of trainers.
ICA Nepal and Jean Houston Foundation

ICA Nepal and Jean Houston Foundation have been working in collaboration since 2005AD. Social Artistry and leadership training is one of the important part of ICA Nepal as well. ICA Nepal annually conducts more than 15 training in various communities and organization of Nepal. ICA Nepal conducts the training from ranging one day to 10 days in duration.The sole purpose of social Artistry training is to develop social leaders and artist and develop artistic approach in social behavior of people. The major objective of ICA Nepal is also community development and Social Artistry training provides a wonderful approach to meet the objectives. Hence, various trainings have been given in different community groups and organization on Social Artistry and leadership.