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Thursday, July 30, 2015


Rape is a worldwide problem. In every part of the world, girls are abused just because they are girls. Our country is facing this barbaric problem even more in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake. Its not in acknowledging the causes and motives behind rape our accomplishment lies but how we choose to fight it.

We have had a hard time spreading awareness in the matter of women considered to be the reason behind RAPE. Almost every aware rational citizen today believes it is BOYS who are the actual problem. But 'NO MEANS NO', a worldwide 'violence against women prevention' program for girls and for boys, in Nairobi, Africa brought into the light what might be the actual reason behind this sadist nature among boys.

 This huge campaign against sexual abuse in women initially focused in developing self defense skills among girls as like every other person in the world they believed the self defense techniques when taught to girls may prevent them from being raped more than any thing else but later, upon learning that girls are more likely to be raped by boys who are actually close to girls meaning their friends and even boyfriends NO MEANS NO started working towards Positive Masculinity. The positive empowerment focused towards boys, working towards the theory, If boys are the problem, then boys themselves can be the part of the solution.

It was after all not their biological structure that was the problem but their social construct which is why after incorporating the same self defense training and NO MEANS NO all along brought a huge drop in the rape cases and men who earlier thought it was justifiable to rape women, now started to defend them.

'NO MEANS NO'  World needs to start with early education on the topics of consent and assault and We are the World. 'NO MEANS NO' might be the answer to our ever so growing question of how to prevent Rape.

here is the link fore more info on this hugely successful campaign conducted in Nairobi, Kenya

Thursday, July 16, 2015

post earthquake relief and rehabilitation "Rise from Rubbles" with ICA :)

ICA Nepal with the support the members of Rotaract Clubs (Manohara, Rudramati and RudramatiBabarmahal) and Rotary Club of Rudramati, massively distributed relief materials to the earthquake victim. We visited the earthquake affected areas, instantly after the earthquake, inside the Kathmandu valley and assessed the situation. Initially, ICA Nepal helped people of Bhaktapur and Bungmati with drinking water bottles. We provided 1000 water bottles in the two locations. While visiting Bungamati ICA Nepal massively distributed food supplies to the different earthquake affected locations. We have reached to Sindhupalchowk, Changunarayan, Dhading, Bungamati (Tri Ratna School), Sangla, Nala, Gorkha with our food supplies. The food materials we provided included the set of salt, daal, rice, nutrella, beaten rice, masala, noodles, biscuits, drinking water along with a bucket, mug, plate and spoon, tarpaulin, blanket, and medicine (Gorkha). So we served 1000 families.
It was the time we leapt towards the second phase, rehabilitation and reconstruction. As much as there was huge physical damages, the mental and emotional damages could not be overlooked because these were the kinds of breakages that could leave the victims shattered for a long time. Keeping the consequenses of the mental and emotional breakdowns in mind, Our first approach for the rehabilitation was providing the training of social artistry. During the time of massive hazard our focus was a complete and sustainable rebuilding of the nation and social artistry was one of the tools. The training was provided to the locals of Changunarayan so that they could come up with innovative and participatory ideas to move forward with rehabilitation and rebuilding and so that the change could be sustainable and participatory which is our major belief. We started to rebuilt temporary shelters and rehabilitate the displaced population along with the relief distribution as it was high time for everybody to focus on rehabilitation because of the approaching monsoon. We believe that community participation yields sustainability, that is why we worked with local community and Progressive Women Group in Changunarayan to clear the rubbles and move their belongings. During our relief work at Changuarayan we discovered that people were in immediate need of shelter that is when we decided to collect fund for the construction of permanent shelter. As an immediate relief we started with one earth bag house which was also a pilot. Mr. Purna B. Tamang was one unfortunate 82 year old whose house was destroyed by the earthquake and he had nowhere to go. We built him a home and earthbag home was very innovative and sustainable idea as it was cost effective, durable and also earthquake resistant. It was overwhelming seeing him hopeful and happy in the end.
Mr. Tamang is just a representative and we have a lot of such helpless people who need our support and we are trying every possible way to collect funds and help those in need rebuild in a sustainable way. ICA Nepal is very aware that it is a high time to get back to normalcy and it is expected to take 10 years for our country to bounce back which is a very long time so we are committed in doing every possible bit to shorten that time period and get all the development activities to pace up. then again, contentment we gained in those smiles :)