ICA Learning Center after renovation

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Despite of so many obstacles, one can observe Phurba Sherpa is the most happy soul of the organization. A bundle of wool is his bundle of joy. The way he finds happiness in small things and compliments can make every person smile back. The biggest passion and happiness in his life is knitting woolen mufflers and scarf which he does by using just a hand and a leg. The way he can involve himself hours and hours making colorful scarf can amaze everyone.
The wonderful colors and finishing of his work proves that he is best at what he does and that’s better than anyone else. The way he works with threads with his one hand and leg can leave any person in awe. His tireless passion would really make a person wonder: how can he be so content despite such physical hardship? His creativity, passion and skills has not only given him his inner peace but made him an example in the community and a great source of motivation and positivity. Normal people fight for money and materialistic happiness whereas for Phurba, the biggest happiness and innate peace in the world is a bundle of wool. 

Thursday, August 13, 2015

A one day PSP (Participatory Strategic Training) organized at Namo Buddha resort at Kavrepalanchowk district in the aftermath of April 25 earthquake.

PSP training was given among the staff of the resort as an attempt to approach the prevailing problems with strategic planning. PSP has been a proven method to develop a shared vision among the participants to approach any problems they are facing.

The resort is currently closed as it was hit hard by the April 25 earthquake and the staff are having a hard time putting up with the situation. the PSP training will help them mitigate the shortcomings they've been facing due the damages caused by the quake.

The resort however, is to reopen soon and now that these people have developed a strategic mindset, they'll just knock down any problem in their way. All thanks to the Participatory Strategic Training.